Centennial Pale Ale – Full Extract Small Batch Homebrew Beer – Taste Test and Recipe

My first full extract homebrew with steeped grains not using a kit of any kind. This is the resulting beer from my video about small batch brewing (1 Gallon / 5 Litres). Hope you enjoy the video. Cheers

Centennial Pale Ale Recipe (below):

500gms (1 pound) Dry Malt Extract
75 gms (3 ounces) Crystal Malt
50 gms (2 ounces) Maltodextrin
50 gms (2 ounces) Dextrose
10gms (1/3 ounce) Centennial Hops (For bittering)
10 gms (1/3 ounce) Galaxy or another flavour/aroma hop
3-4 gms (1/7 ounce) Ale Yeast (US-05) or similar

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