Super Splash Bros: Super Pyramid Pong!!!
Please drink responsibly if you are of the legal drinking age
These are the rule that we enjoy to play by.

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Must Score the cups from top to bottom

1) 20 cups per side to start the game.

2) You must shoot “eye to eye” to decide who will get the first ball.

3) Once a cup has been scored into you must remove the cup , if another ball gets scored in a cup that has previously scored on it is a DEATH CUP. Death Cup= Game Over.

4) If you and your teammate both score in the same turn you will receive balls back.

5) If you bounce the ball off the table and score that will count as two cups, but the defending team is allowed to block the shot.

6) You’re allowed two re-racks per game.

7) A player is allowed to swat or catch a ball only after the ball has bounced off the table or is rebounding off of a cup.

8) If you accidentally knock over a cup its considered a cup that has been scored into and must be removed.

9) Any contact with the ball from the defending team before it hits the table or a cup is considered interference and shall result in losing a cup.

10) If the ball rolls back to you on the TABLE ONLY you will receive a trick shot.

11) If one player make two shots in a row they call “HEATING UP” and on their next shot if they hit the third cup in a roll they call “ON FIRE” and the player will get the ball back and continue until they miss.

12) If you score into your opponents cup that he/she is holding its considered DEATH CUP and it ends the game.

13)If you shoot the ball and miss the table entirely it is called an “AIR BALL” and you and your partner lose their shot for that turn.

14) Once all 10 of your opponents cups have been scored they will have a shot redemption, If they don’t score you win.

15) Your elbow may not pass the cups or the shot won’t count if your opponent calls you on it.

1) Each player on the team will shot on their opponents remaining cups until they miss. ( you sink one you get the ball back to keep shooting)

2) If all your opponents remaining cups are scored you will go into a overtime round.

3) In overtime each team will have 3 cups back in a top triangle formation.

4) The team that won in regulation time will shoot first.

5) Once a team has scored all three of their opponents remaining cups they will go into another redemption.

6) Redemptions and Overtimes will continue until some doesn’t score the remaining cups during a redemption.

7)No trick shots on redemption

CHEERS!! Please drink responsibly if you are of the legal drinking age

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