ROLEX Two-Tone GMT II Root Beer – A Great Choice for Two-Tone Lovers?!

I’m not sure if you’ve already watched our prior review on the GMT Master II Root Beer in rose gold, but this two-tone is pretty much the same watch. I would have liked to have both the two-tone and rose gold model when I recorded the first review, but I didn’t at the time.

The reality is that I’m not a great fan of two-tone watches. Nevertheless, here I go anyways!

One thing that I forgot to mentioned when I reviewed the everose version of this Rolex GMT is that Rolex added a “new movement” to it. I added that phrase in quotes because, to me, the new movement is not really much different. I think this is just a fancy way by Rolex to announce a new paint job, Lol!

With the release of this watch, Rolex finally comes out with a rose gold sports version that’s not the Yacht-Master II. Maybe one day they’ll do the same for the Submariner….or maybe they’ll eventually add a two-tone version of all their watches…or NOT!

This two-tone rose version is also an attempt by Rolex to release a model that’s not as expensive as the Yacht-Master II, which is good, because it gives two-tone fans that don’t have nosebleed-high kind of budget the opportunity to acquire a pretty nice watch.

The rose gold Root Beer is currently going over retail. But I’m not so sure what this watch is going to price at when it starts going mainstream in the watch market. We’ll just have to wait and see, even though it is highly likely that it’ll fetch a number above retail. Currently, the retail price on the two-tone model is $14,000 (compared to $37,000 for the rose gold).

This is a pretty hot watch in the Watch Game right now because of exclusivity. It’ll definitely turn heads at parties!

Let me know how you feel about the two-tone GMT Root Beer!

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