ROLEX – GMT Master II Root Beer Everose – New 2018 Smoking HOT!

The Rolex GMT Master II in rose gold (everose) is the most anticipated luxury model released by the brand in 2018! The watch is simply amazing!

The multi-colored “Root Beer” black/chocolate bezel pops quite a bit on a rose gold backdrop, even though some people have mixed feelings when it comes the color combo.

Overall, I give this watch a rating of 10 out of 10.

When it comes to the Rolex Root Beer, it’s pretty much the same car with a different paint job, albeit a kick ass paint job! Lol.

The lines at authorized dealers for this watch were crazy long from the get-go. The one that I’m reviewing on this video is is actually the first model that I’ve been able to get my hands on. It is one one of the first ones in this area of the globe, as far as I’m aware. Nevertheless, they’re starting to creep up a bit more in different places.

The limited supply and high demand environment for this watch at the present time is causing it to sell at almost 20% above its retail price of $37,000. Personally, I wouldn’t pay $45,000 for the watch, even though I think it’s stunning. I do want to get one of these Root Beer models for myself eventually, but I’m a patient watch collector, so I’ll wait for the right time!

But regardless of my opinion, paying up is the only thing that will give you access to the Rolex GMT reference 126715CHNR. So it comes down to, how bad do you really want it gents?!

As far as the Watch Game goes, the exclusivity and stunning look of this watch will definitely put you on another level if you decide to get one.

Let me know how you feel about the new Rolex GMT II Master in everose. Are you willing to wait for it?

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