Northern Brewer Deluxe Starter Kit review

Hello, this is my review of the Northern Brewer Deluxe Kit home brew beer making kit. This is an amazing beer making kit that comes with all the ingredients and equipment to get brewing. The only thing they don’t include is the big stainless steel kettle to get started and the bottles. But other than that, they include everything else. Right out of the box, they include all the essentials and items to make it super simple and to get you brewing. Not only is this a great and fun activity to do by yourself, but brewing with others is what this is all about. That way, when you’re finished brewing you have someone else to share the beer with, because that’s what it’s all about. I recommend this kit to anyone wanting to start making their own beer at home because not only is it cheaper to brew your own, but it’s more fun and rewarding. CHEERS TO BEERS!

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