Milwaukee Firkin Craft Beer Festival 2013

We think it high time that Milwaukee craft beers got their own fest. After all, it was beer that made Milwaukee famous worldwide not cryptosporidium. Ok, we’re famous for two things now.
Well in case you haven’t noticed, Brew Town got its mojo back with brands like Sprecher, Lakefront, Chameleon and Milwaukee Brewing and at brewpubs such as Water Street, Stonefly, Rockbottom, and St. Francis. The folks at these places are serious about their beer and we think it’s time to celebrate the ales of their labor.
Milwaukee Firkin Craft Beer Fest is a celebration of Milwaukee beer, past, present and future. We know our beer is great now but the future looks pretty firkin bright from where we are sitting. After all, we’re from Milwaukee and we ought to know…yah der hey!
This fest is going to be a big firkin deal!

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