Electric Brewing Supply – Panel Build Part 1 – Panel layout and 220V wiring – for electric brewing

Covered in this video: Panel layout and design, some tips and techniques for handling larger gauge wire routing, and wiring the 220v Circuit.

*I am not being paid in any way by Electric Brewing Supply for doing this video series.*

I do have an affiliate account with them and if you find this video helpful and want to support my continued effort to bring more information on the wonderful hobby of electric brewing. Please consider using the links below to purchase your kit or any other components you might need. I do appreciate the support and it does not cost you any more to use the links. (Amazon links ARE NOT affiliate links)

Electric Brewing Supply

The PID based 30 Amp conrtol panel featured in this build.
30a PID Complete Control Panel Kit

Individual parts and componenets for electric brewing.

PDF version of the wiring guide: http://guide.ebrew.supply/

Tools below are only suggestions, you can use other similar tools you can find locally.

Wire Strippers

Wire Cutters

7/8 or 22mm holes for switches and leds.

Mild steel hole drilling
7/8 or 22mm holes for switches and leds.

1/8 inch pilot hole bit

Angle grinder with blade for Cutting PID holes.

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